watershed land to north of shuttle meadow reservoir

The total area shown in grey is 662 acres. The proposed new quarry area would be 131.4 acres. If you do the math, the new quarry will remove 20% of this healthy forested watershed land. 

deep areas of state and federal listed species and significant natural communities

According to DEEP the areas shown hatched "represent approximate locations of endangered, threatened and special concern species and significant natural communities in Connecticut. The locations of species and natural communities depicted on the maps are based on data collected over the years by DEEP staff, scientists, conservation groups, and landowners. The quarry expansion area is shown in red in areas of significant species and natural communities.



Connecticut’s Aquifer Protection Area Program protects major public water supply wells to ensure a plentiful supply of public drinking water for present and future generations.  Land use regulations will be established in aquifer protection areas to minimize the potential for contamination of well fields, many of which are used for Connecticut's drinking water. The regulations restrict development of certain new land use activities that use, store, handle or dispose of hazardous materials and requires existing regulated land uses to register and follow best management practices. Source: