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You can publicly show your opposition to the Tilcon quarry expansion by signing our online petition on Change.org. We will be sharing the signature list with leaders of the Connecticut House and Senate.


Share this website, our Facebook page, and the online petition with your family and friends. The more people speaking out against the Tilcon quarry expansion proposal the better chance there is to defeat its passage in the Connecticut Legislature.

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/ProtectOurWatershedsCT/


Tell them you are a constituent. Tell them you strongly oppose allowing the city of New Britain to change the use of its water company owned lands. Tell them quarrying in watersheds is illegal - no exceptions. Ask them to put a dollar figure on our natural resources? Ask them if it seems right that our collective natural resource is exploited for the gain of one single corporation? Tell them this proposal is about big business - this proposal shouldn't even be brought up for consideration. Tell them how you value Bradley Mountain as a recreation area and as the largest open space left in New Britain. Ask them whether this would happen in West Hartford or Greenwich and whether this might be a good example of a global corporation's land-grab of natural resources in an economically struggling city? Ask them if 50 years from now when their grandchildren ask about their legacy, they can say they helped protect clean drinking water for the folks in New Britain? Ask them to please pay close attention when Bill 300 comes up again. Thank them for their help in doing what is right for all citizens of Connecticut, protecting our clean water now and into the future.

Write the chairs of the Public Health Committee: Matthew.Ritter@cga.ct.gov (Hartford area) and Sen. Terry B. Gerratana (New Britain area) gerratana@senatedems.ct.gov

Write to individual members of the Public Health Committee: https://www.cga.ct.gov/ph/2015-2017%20PHC%20Membership.pdf

Write to the Speaker of the House: Brendan.Sharkey@cga.ct.gov

Write to Majority Leader: Joe.Aresimowicz@cga.ct.gov

Write to Senate President: Martin Looney c/o aide Kaitlin.Faticoni@cga.ct.gov

And why not the Governor?  Dannel P. Malloy c/o aides Liz.Donohue@ct.gov and Chris Smith at Chris.F.Smith@ct.gov

Find your Legislators Here: https://www.cga.ct.gov/asp/menu/cgafindleg.asp


View the Calendar to see when and where upcoming Protect Our Watersheds Connecticut Public Info Meeting are being held.